Dallas Crane Film Composer
7 Books a Parody
Dallas Crane, composer.
General Electric was critical in developing technology that put man on the moon, and recently, GE has been pulling for more women in STEM careers. With companies like GE and their promise to champion imagination, dreamers like Polly can reach the stars.
Dallas Crane, composer.
Brigham Young University's Center for Animation's 2017 senior film, Taijitu​, was nominated for Best Picture at the College Television Awards. Performed by the BYU Philharmonic Orchestra.
Dallas Crane, composer.
A VR narrative experience funded by The Laycock Center and the Film and Digital Fund at Brigham Young University. Performed by the FAMES Orchestra. Available on Steam soon.
7 Books a Parody
Dallas Crane, arranger.
A music video to promote children's literacy in low-opportunity environments. A parody of Lukas Graham's Seven Years​. 
Adventures of Link
Dallas Crane, additional music.
A crowdfunded fan series set in the Legend of Zelda universe. Directed by Steven Jay Brown.
On The Rocks
Dallas Crane, composer.
A 15-minute short about family and travel in the west. Recorded by Studio Orchestra Club at Brigham Young University.
Star Wars Empire Rising
Dallas Crane, composer.
Various Star Wars short films. Recorded at Brigham Young University.
Watch Out Dave
Dallas Crane, composer/director.
Zany 2D animation based on 60s animation and jazz influence. Recorded by the Laycock Bigger Big Band at Brigham Young University. Coming soon!
Brother's Keeper
Dallas Crane, composer.
A short tale of brotherly love and growth. Music mixed by Parker Robinson.