Formula 1: Binotto contradicts Vettel critics: "Best is ahead of him"

After the stroke of the neck in Monza Sebastian Vettel had to accept the next disappointment in qualifying in Singapore, when he was initially on pole course, But then again just beaten by Ferrari teammate Charles Leclerc (and Lewis Hamilton). Nevertheless, team boss Mattia Binotto says he has confidence. "I think Seb is in good shape," Binotto said in an interview with Sky, emphasizing: "I'm pretty sure he can fight back here in Singapore hopes for a good result, that's important for me: that the spirit fits, with which he tackles the races. "

Interviewer Martin Brundle interjects that Vettel is still "very fast". But: "Maybe his best time is behind him." A statement that contradicts Binotto resolutely: "The best is still in front of him, he has it in his own hands, how much he wants it." "We made a few mistakes, and he also" That at Vettel – especially since then much quoted failure in Hockenheim 2018 – not everything went according to plan, argues the Ferrari team boss not even off: "We made a few mistakes, and so did he But he has always dealt with his mistakes very transparent and has considered How he can do it better next time. "Nevertheless, Vettel is under pressure, because although he earns many times from Leclerc, he is currently in the shade of performance. This is partly due to the handling of the current Ferrari, which is tailor-made with his loose rear Leclerc – and Vettel is not at all. In addition, observers Vettel attest a psychological problem – possibly because he, unlike Red Bull, not unconditionally supported, but fly the hearts of the new shooting star Leclerc. "It is true that it is very important that he feels comfortable and that the team supports him," admits Binotto. But Ferrari does just that: "We analyze all the data, think about how we can develop the car so that it can My job is to make sure he gets what he needs to be successful, "says the Swiss-born man.Binotto sees no tension between Vettel and Leclerc" On the growth process "of Ferrari. Teams were in his opinion, to manage situations like in Monza, as Leclerc in qualifying dawdled until Vettel was too late for his flying lap. Some assume Leclerc targeted psycho games. Binotto judges the dynamics between his drivers but calmly. "I would not call that tension, it was a difficult situation, a difficult out-lap, which has caught many others – not just Sebastian," says Binotto and goes on his radio message. Becoming Perdonato: "Forgiveness also means that we look closely at what happened, and make sure that it does not happen again in the future." After all, Binotto has recovered his smile thanks to the recent results: "The two victories were important For us, just imagine what would have happened without the two victories! That has already changed a lot and given us fresh oxygen, the two wins came at just the right time and give us a boost for the rest of the season. "

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