1. FC Cologne: Huub Stevens counts Achim Beierlorzer: "Now it needs points"

In view of the sporting crisis of 1. FC Cologne with only three points from six Bundesliga games and seventh place Huub Stevens He is on the job every day with the troupe in training on the pitch and can be the only one to evaluate what kind of football is the best for these players. That's what the coach has to see and do ", Stevens wrote in an" Express "post.

The Dutchman, himself head coach of the FC in 2004/2005, explained: "Recently the team had a lot of bad luck in the necessary situations." There come injuries, dismissals and missed tours. "I know that in Cologne now people are getting impatient But only six games have to be played, but you have to be clear: now you need points soon, because football is a result sport. "Especially in the offensive the Cologne engine stutters tremendously. Only four hits has the climber on the account. No team anywhere in the league gets less.1. Cologne too good for the relegation? That the paper-strong center-forward Anthony Modeste, Jhon Córdoba and Simon Terodde come together only to two goals, was "clearly not enough," Stevens judged. "It's not just the attackers, it's the game grounds as well, and I've noticed that the FC are quick to play a long ball forward, which may be a means, but you have the right types of striker?" It was "the trainer's job to train in the units" so that Modeste, Córdoba and Terodde are better integrated into their team's game. "Steve also suggested moving from the previously preferred 4-4-2 system to a 3-5 Cologne FC also conceded 15 conceded goals.The FC squad have "so much quality that one must have nothing to do with the descent." This Beierlorzer "only to the effect and on the lawn ".

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