"King" Klopp without fear of the king

Opponents Manchester United rely on royal support, but that does not itch "King" Jürgen Klopp in the least. "I've never had a problem with my confidence, I'm quite optimistic," said Liverpool's team manager before his prestigious neighborhood duel with his big rival on Sunday. Klopp's serenity has good reason: his Reds are leading the English Premier League table confidently, the lead over the twelfth United is a proud 15 points. A win there – it would be the ninth in the ninth season game – and Liverpool would have set the league start record. "We are not nervous about the story we could write, we are quite relaxed – and very ambitious," said Klopp.

His counterpart Ole Gunnar Solskjaer relies after a weak start to the season for 30 years on a very special guest: The Norwegian King Harald V comes at the personal invitation of his compatriot to Old Trafford. The monarch Solskjaer had already wished "wholeheartedly" luck when he took office months ago, although he is a fan of Tottenham Hotspur since his London studies at the beginning of the 1960s.Solskjaer wants to "go down in history" Either way – for Solskjaer is the duel that once drew its explosiveness from the economic and cultural rivalry of the cities, "the perfect game". Although, with only four wins in the last 17 league games, United do not run "with a permanent grin," he said. But: "This is a chance for our players to go down in history and a winning goal against Liverpool will be with you forever." Klopp, who has never won in the "Theater of Dreams", scratches his gray beard and laughs as he does to this statement is addressed. "I do not think many teams would like to play against us at the moment, United seem to be the only one," he said. It is up to his team to "show them that they are in misunderstanding". It would not be the only one in Manchester in recent times. Klopp strengthens Solskjaer Doubts about Solskjaer are getting louder and louder. On Friday, the 46-year-old had to put up with the question of whether the job for him was not a size too big. "No," he answered, he had never had that feeling. There are clear improvements. Only which ones? The bosses seem to be getting impatient, even though club v Ed Woodward assured the coach this week of "wholehearted support." "I hope he gets time, we all have to stand behind him and hope he can do it," said United Legend Paul Scholes of the "BBC". However, his former club will certainly need "four, five good transfer periods" to get back to the top. Solskjaer, who has to do without the stars Paul Pogba and David De Gea, could easily find his way to Liverpool. Colleague Klopp had collected 29 points less than Solskjaer after playing 29 games in the Reds. "He knows what he has to do," Klopp called to a Norwegian reporter, "you do not have to worry about Ole."

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