That's how the stand at Nuri Sahin and Werder Bremen

In his second year at SV Werder Bremen, Nuri Sahin has become a top performer. Coach Florian Kohfeldt holds big pieces to the former BVB star, who pulls the strings in midfield. Nevertheless, cooperation beyond the current season is not safe. Sahin's working document on the Weser ends on 30 June 2020, after which the former Turkish international would have free transfer.

The Bremen authorities make no secret of their interest in an extension with the 31-year-olds. Sports chief Frank Baumann announced in the "Bild" already talks with the veteran. If it goes to Coach Kohfeldt, signed Sahin today rather than tomorrow a new contract. "The sporting appreciation for Nuri is very high, it's just as Frank said: We're going to start talking about it now, then it depends on what Nuri thinks and how we imagine it would like to continue working with him, is out of the question for me, "said the 37-year-old. Sahin had moved in the summer of 2018 for about one million euros from his great love Borussia Dortmund to Bremen. Minor injuries and the resulting lack of game rhythm threw the left foot in his premiere year but back again and again. In the meantime, however, he is in top form – and can no longer be imagined from the starting line-up of the Hanseatic League. How Sahin plans his future in the meantime is unclear. Still, the high-tech engineer has not been able to achieve a commitment to Werder. However, he still believes in staying in the spotlight: "If he did not feel good athletic, he would have to be a very good actor, of course he is in a phase of his career, where many facets That's why I do not want to anticipate this, we'll start the talks and then Nuri has to say something at the right time. "

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