Bundesliga: Ahlenfelders alcohol faux pas at Werder against Hannover 96: pause whistle after 32 minutes

On 8 November 1975 whistled referee Wolf-Dieter Ahlenfelder in the Bundesliga game between Werder Bremen and Hannover 96 already after 32 minutes to break. The alcohol was not entirely innocent of the faux pas of the Kult-Referees.Um shortly after 16 o'clock players and spectators in the Bremen Weser Stadium did not trust their ears. Wolf-Dieter Ahlenfelder asked Werder and 96 to the half-time break, 32 minutes were only on the clock.

In the midst of general disbelief and wonder, the referee let go first. About one and a half minutes before the end of regular time Ahlenfelder but then finally rang the half-time break. The premature pause whistle became a legend. Just like the referee who did it. Ahlenfelder was considered one of the most popular players in his profession. His handling of the players was perceived as pleasantly direct and open-hearted. Ahlenfelder acted always with the right slogan on the lips. If the professionals after long battles on the ground too long, came from him even before a comment like "boy, get up, the grass heating is not on". World Champion Paul Breitner joined the repartee and serenity of the impartial acquaintance, as he grunted during a Bundesliga match: "Ahlenfelder, you whistle like an ass!" Whereupon the native Oberhausener replied loosely: "Breitner, can it be that you play like an ass?" Wolf-Dieter Ahlenfelder: "Men do not drink Fanta" Today unthinkable, in his day cult: Ahlenfelder had his very own view of the role the Referee on the court: "The referee must be a designer of the rules, he must have a bit more pep and say: I whistle as I interpret." Ahlenfelder led a game in the Bundesliga more than 100 times. With the interpretation of the half time he exaggerated it only once, just at the legendary early whistle in Bremen. After his big faux pas Ahlenfelder admitted to have been not sober on the course: "When I say that I have drunk water and Fanta , then that would be a lie. "Maybe that's why the referee ignored today also legendary hint of Bremen international Horst-Dieter Höttges:" Referee, something can not be right, my jersey is still completely dry. "In the region Ahlenfelder is despite or just because of his frank alcohol confession cult. Even today, visitors to the bar in Bremen are served with a Pilsner and a Maltese when ordering a "Ahlenfelder". Ahlenfelder was quite fond of one or two cold drinks, but also illustrates another inimitable statement by the referee. Once, when several bottles flew onto the field on the Lauterer Betzenberg, he said: "The empty bottles immediately back! Collect the Follies, in half time we will taste a delicious!" Mats-Yannick Roth

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