Kuusi Palaa

 A blending of modern jazz approaches with traditional Finnish Polska rhythms. Featuring guitar and piccolo solos.

Premiered in concert Dec. 2, 2015 at De Jong Concert Hall, Harris Fine Arts Center, Brigham Young University. Directed by Ray Smith. Solos by Parker Speirs and Derek Crane. Composed by Dallas Crane.
"Kuusi Palaa" is a Finnish linguistic conundrum whose numerous translations (including "your moon burns" and "six spruce trees return") invites multiple interpretations. In kind, Kuusi Palaa builds on the traditional rhythms of the Polska, a lopsided dance from Finland and Sweden. By integrating jazz elements and harmonies alongside and below traditional structures, Kuusi Palaa becomes a hybrid work of folk expression that goes beyond a singular definition, inviting listeners to hear within the music the song that speaks to them.