On The Rocks

A touching story of a couple intent on reuniting their son with his dog, no matter what condition it is in. Short, 15 min. Combines old-school country with other vintage styles.

Music by Dallas Crane
Conducted by Nick Harker
Head Audio Engineer - Parker Robinson
Audio Engineers - Corbin Sterling, Joseph Facer
Guitar Soloist - Parker Speirs
Additional Guitars - Shane Meyers, Shane Silver
String Coordinator - Cymrie Van Drew
Vocal Coordinator - Jacob Khalil
Woodwind Coordinator - Derek Crane
Strings - Cymrie Van Drew, Meg Goss, Tyler Quirante, Mormon Jin, George Major, Tim McClure, Zach Kroff, Paul Woodward, Chris Morgan, Kelly Oja
Drum set - Ryan Schade
Woodwinds - Derek Crane, Jacob Mauldwin, Tyler Gardner, Rachel Christensen
Percussion - Alexandra Brown, Michael Carter
Vocalists - Jacob Khalil, Stephen Cluff, Chris Downard, Arianne Sam, Ben Bird, Haley Slade
Additional musical contributions - Samuel Featherstone, Joseph Butcher