Known for his character-driven scores that are at once emotional and innovative, Dallas Crane is "...One of the best and most talented up and coming film composers hitting the scene right now" (Evan Evans, "Poker Club", "Game of Assassins").  He has worked on various short films, animations, Star Wars fan films, and experimental productions. His film scoring approach draws from his broad musical experience as an orchestral composer, jazz musician, and film theorist. 
               Ted Nash, composer and arranger for Wynton Marsalis (Jazz at Lincoln Center) has said of Dallas Crane's work: "... [It is] evocative and mysterious... very rich harmonically...really creative writing ...[he is] hearing things that are uniquely [him]." 
               Dallas' works for the concert world tickle the mind with uniquely personal colours from newly explored musical territories. He has premiered works for big band, wind sextet, choir, trumpet quintet, jazz combo, orchestra, and soloists. Scores and parts are available upon request. 
               As an undergraduate Commercial Music student at Brigham Young University, Dallas is an active leader, performer, and composer. He has toured internationally and premiered works with the university's top ensembles, composed music for the nationally-acclaimed BYU Center for Animation, and founded Studio Orchestra Club, BYU's first student-run studio recording orchestra.